January 20, 2018

What the experts say…

“If the [current healthcare] system cannot consistently deliver today’s science and technology, it is even less prepared to respond to the extraordinary advances that surely will emerge during decades to come.” – Institute of Medicine

About the Future of Healthcare

“We have an aging population. Seventy-eight million Baby Boomers are going to start to retire at the end of this decade. That’ll put enormous stresses on the pension and Medicare system. We need to think about what makes sense for the 21st century.– Gail Wilensky, PhD, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

“As ethnic and racial diversity of the population of older Americans increases, our system of social services and health care delivery will face new stresses.”– Council of State Governments, “Medical innovation and the aging of America”

Now is the right time to begin work on reinventing the nation’s health care delivery system.  Technological advances are making it possible to accomplish things today that were impossible only a few years ago…We need to find radically new and better approaches to meeting the health care needs of all Americans. – Institute of Medicine

“Physicians want to live in a world where patients can be confident that they know how to care for themselves. Patients want to care for themselves and they want to live healthier lives. We know that when physicians and patients work together, this vision will become a reality.”– President and Trustee of the AMA Foundation, Dr. Joseph Riggs, M.D.

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