January 20, 2018

Management Team

Management and Advisory Team

Business-Enabling Solutions, LLC is comprised of a talented group of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience related to its mission objectives, supported by professional, medical expertise, and further complimented by established business relationships.  This approach allows us to be responsive to customer needs, while mitigating business risks and keenly supporting the infrastructure and educational requirements of our target audience and clients.

President and CEO, Will Price: Information/Electrical Engineer and seasoned Information Technology (IT) professional with 15 years experience engaged in various IT-related information engineering and consulting engagements that include business process innovation, knowledge transfer and learning management systems integration.  Provided analytical support services for the US Department of Veterans Affairs -Office of Enterprise Development. Worked closely with stakeholders, developers and analysts to support of the VA Information Systems Technology Architecture (VistA), the world’s most widely-deployed Electronic Health Record-based system.  Been trained in Home Tele-health and Care Coordination, with a focus on Patient Education and Caregiver Support. Worked closely with product development and support teams to determine final specifications required to meet existing functional requirements, and plan for future enhancements.

Will co-founded the “Martial Renaissance Inc.”, a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide collaborative tools, media and training solutions for community-based organizations that serve and support our nation’s most prized asset… its children.  Its goal is to cultivate strong and enduring relationships between positive role models in the community while providing a highly effective technology platform for values education and healthy lifestyle interventions for youth. For years, Mr. Price has been an active participant (e.g., team manager and instructor) in “Destination ImagiNation” (R) , the worlds largest creative problem-solving program for kids, and “Hands on Science”, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to spark children’s interest in science and mathematics.

Chief Business Solutions Advisor and Lean Six Sigma Champion, Andrew Blair, PhD:  Dr. Blair  has over 20 years experience in change agency, innovative customer focused leadership, engineering, and project management, specializing in risk analysis of system cost, schedule, and technical feasibility.  He has led complex projects including Six Sigma deployment and systems engineering execution with Raytheon Company; and business process and change management in Laureate Education Inc. He has taught engineering classes at the University of Maryland and conducts research in risk and uncertainty modeling and analysis authoring over 20 refereed journal papers, technical reports, and conference articles. 

Homiyar Watchha — Board of Advisors:  Homiyar advises HRC on developing and implementing the critical strategies that advance the objectives and mission, with the goal to create value for clients while ensuring sustained growth for the business. Homiyar has a successful record of assuming positions of increasing responsibility and accountability.  During his 18 years in technology, he has worked in numerous capacities providing disciplined execution both in resuscitating organizations in crisis and lending proven leadership to under-performing groups.  He has a reputation of identifying and addressing systemic problems, fostering talent, building efficient teams and motivating employees to surpass organization goals.  Homiyar specializes in strategic planning, financial control, contract negotiations, process improvement and operations management. Homiyar holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco and a bachelor’s of science from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Sonny S. Maharaj — Board of Advisors:  Sonny is responsible for overseeing all areas of business operations and administration.  Over the last two decades, he has held several positions in the Insurance, Investment and Healthcare Industries.  Sonny participated in three start-up ventures, one of which, a virtual HR company, he founded and managed in 1998.  In 2005 he was a part of a management team for a start up that was acquired by United Healthcare.  In his most recent venture, Sonny founded a medical transportation and logistics company that provides solutions to hospitals, medical offices, clinical laboratories and senior-care facilities.  Sonny holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of San Francisco.  He also holds a business certificate in Leadership and Management from Santa Clara University.  His is currently studying in the area of customer behavior and psychology.

Peter McCrea, Board of Directors / HRC:  Peter is a national Relationship Manager for Foundation Source, which provides support services to over 900 private foundations, representing over $4.2 billion in assets under administration. Originally from California, Peter worked in the motion picture industry as a film editor, writer and photographer; subsequently, he worked in sustainable land-use planning for private and public clients. Since moving to Connecticut in 1995, he worked in investment management with Leif H. Olsen, former Chief Economist at Citibank, and in commercial real estate with the Hinduja Group, an Indian multinational. He is a trustee of the Lemmon Foundation, a board member of the Green Village Initiative, and chairman of the Livelihoods Council at Save the Children.

Healthcare Solutions Advisor, Charles Simmons: BA, Management. A 100% Service-Disabled Vet with more than 21 years experience in Navy and Military Medicine, and more than 15 years major healthcare programs and project management. Received “Hospitalman George ‘DOC’Pearcy Award,” presented by the Commandant of the Marine Corps for “Outstanding Impact on Medical Readiness to the Fleet Marine Force.” Currently serving as Senior Business Analyst for a large government agency.

Bilingual Cultural & Human Services Advisor, Adriana Coste:  BS, Public & Community Health.  Over 10 years direct experience within the Hispanic underserved community.  Played a vital role in the development of curricula for community centers that provided English as a second language to the underserved Hispanic community and collaborated with organizations such as the Health and Human Services Department, and the Sexual Assault Center of Prince Georges Hospital addressing issues including violent crimes, health outreach, and drug use. She is skilled in managing issues involving crisis management such as gang, and domestic violence. Currently she is serving the underserved Hispanic community within the realm of victim services for the state of Maryland.  

Healthcare / IT Advisor, Vicky Persaud: 20 years of hospital-focused healthcare expertise with the latest industry technologies and development standards and president of ASHA IT/Healthcare Solutions. Provides services in compliance, IT healthcare and technology planning, technical integration, and project management for clients in the healthcare industry. Active TS/SCI with Poly clearance and pending 8(A) certification. Vicky enjoys working as a role model / mentor for women, young adults, and entrepreneurs inspired by information technology within the healthcare field

Executive Advisor, R. Place: Mr. Place holds an MBA and BS, Business Administration. More than 27 years of executive level business development and leadership experience in IT/healthcare, federal markets, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Contact us to learn more:

Telephone: 301.919.0970
General Information: info@besolutionsinc.com

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About Us

Discovery is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking

what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Community Enabling Solutions (CES) is the employee-owned Health/Information Technology service provider were established in 2010, with a focus on health education, knowledge sharing and collaborative interventions.  CES uses a unique collection of best practice-based technologies and methodologies called PHIERS (Public Health Information Exchange and Resource Solution), pronounced “fires”, to facilitate care coordination and case management services for patients and caregivers.

By combining research into the challenges facing America’s healthcare system with first- hand experience with the nation’s most cutting edge Health/IT applications, CES has developed a unique perspective and delivery solution that complements and completes what others are leaving undone.   In, this way we add value to the healthcare reform conversation by expanding possibilities, filling unmet needs and leading where others will only follow.

CES is also the Preferred Technology Partner for

PHIERS.org and the Health Reform Coalition 

CES, in collaboration with experts in school health and healthcare administrations, has developed PHIERS into a specialized management system capable of supporting the healthcare needs of students and potentially their families. The end result of these collaborations is the development of a cloud-based School Health Infrastructure that enables school nurses to provide and manage a process-oriented portable health record (PHR) that can track a student’s transition through all grade levels and locations.

The CES team consisting of experienced personnel from finance, IT, and the healthcare industry have developed and refined this version of PHIERS to not only address the specific needs of school aged children but be adaptable to provide effective healthcare management solutions for seniors, veterans and patients with developmental needs.   CES consultants average more than 15 years experience in IT-related information engineering and consulting engagements that include business process innovation, knowledge transfer and learning management systems integration.  We have invested more than five years researching and collaborating with healthcare industry experts, and directly supporting the world’s most widely-deployed Electronic Health Record, the VA’s information System’s Technology Architecture (VistA), as well as it’s migration to the next generation web-based VistA – HealtheVet architecture.

We have also received specialized training on MyHealtheVet (the VA’s patient portal) as well as a certificate in “Care Coordination and Home Tele-Health” from the VA that focuses on “Caregiver-support” systems and solutions.

This certificate program was sponsored by the VA’s Office of Care Coordination and focuses on case management processes and tools that enhance and extend the impact of healthcare services, while improving patient and caregiver support and education.  As such, we are well equipped to help patients, caregivers and providers enjoy a greater likelihood of positive medical outcomes and a better patient experience by improving health while saving time and cutting the costs of healthcare delivery across the entire public health value stream.

Our solutions will bridge the information gaps between health and social services providers, clients and families, in a manner that participants can easily understand, identify with and act on – while generating measurable outcomes in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable manner.  We will accomplish this while overcoming many of the barriers of race, color, religion, creed, disability, sex, ancestry, national origin, age, or sexual orientation in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Despite our Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) status, our commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and innovative approach to problem solving keep us ahead of the pack. We are dedicated to the principle that “every person in every community deserves equal access to comprehensive, culturally competent” health information and skills training that is user-friendly, actionable and available when and where it’s needed most, using the sources that the people trust.

Our Mission

  • To help people play a more effective role in managing their health, regardless of age, race, gender, culture, language, literacy level, disability or the Digital Divide.
  • To provide solutions that help patients and their families, make better informed medical decisions, avoid medical mistakes and better comply with self-care instructions;
  • To help patients and their families become better stewards of healthcare resources;

Core Competencies include:

  • Electronic Health Records and Secure Repositories
  • Hospital Information Systems: Project and Configuration Management
  • Information Engineering and Collaborative (Knowledge-based) Systems
  • Custom Training Solutions and Instructional Systems Design
  • IT and Telecommunications

For more information:

To see how we are positively impacting the Health Reform Agenda, visit:  www.phiers.org  or www.healthreformcoalition.org.

Thank you.

Contact Us: 


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