January 20, 2018


 Continuing Health Education

Although many patient education initiatives are currently underway, a huge segment of our population is not being reached by traditional health education or health promotional activities. For these reasons, solutions that help information sources communicate their messages effectively to their target audiences are desperately needed.

PHIERS (patent pending methodology) provides a reliable platform for achieving these goals, by addressing the informational needs of patients, families, healthcare professionals, and organizations, while simultaneously overcoming many of the communication challenges associated with language, culture, disability, education level, and technology.

PHIERS will:

  •  Help knowledge sources to create, manage and disseminate “tailored” content that appeals to specific needs of knowledge workers and consumers alike;
  • Complement existing health literacy initiatives and address the informational needs of the underserved, which includes (but is not limited to) the elderly, indigent, illiterate, disabled and immigrant; and
  • Provide a robust and scalable infrastructure for knowledge sharing and collaboration at a cost far less than most have projected and/or expect.

A Collaborative and Comprehensive Solution

Based on the findings and recommendations in numerous reports sponsored by the nation’s top health and civic organizations, PHIERS will deliver measurable results in a timely fashion by providing a robust, scalable and convenient means to get the right information to the right person “on-demand”… in a manner respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs, and values.

PHIERS will provide reliable and equitable access to healthcare information by:

  •  Overcoming traditional barriers of accessibility, culture, technology and preference.
  • Providing access through a broad number of venues using proven training methods and technologies in powerful, new ways;
  • Accommodating patient and provider time constraints, learning styles, requirements, and objectives.

PHIERS will save time, money, and effort by:

  •  Helping knowledge sources create, manage and disseminate actionable health information in an efficient and sustainable manner;
  • Complementing existing healthcare information resources and extending their reach to meet the needs of the underserved;
  • Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional training and distance learning methods, while improving on their strengths.

To summarize, PHIERS is a reliable, scalable and cost-effective means to help knowledge sources get their message to the people who need it most, while allowing them to have a positive and profound impact on their target audience almost immediately, upon deployment.

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