January 20, 2018

What the experts say…

“More doctors, hospitals and nursing homes in more states are facing increasing difficulty in obtaining insurance against lawsuits, and as a result more patients in more states are facing greater difficulty in obtaining access to doctors” – FirstGov for Seniors

About Medical Litigation

“As we all know, professional liability insurance premiums for doctors and hospitals are rapidly rising in many states to levels where they cannot afford to pay them. These increased premiums are caused by the ever-increasing size of medical liability insurance payments and awards. The unavoidable consequence is that physicians are moving away from crisis states, reducing the scope of their practices, or leaving the practice of medicine altogether. Likewise, hospitals are being forced to close facilities and curtail high-risk services because they can no longer afford to insure them.” – Physician Insurers Association of America

“Trust in the medical profession is linked to health outcomes, and physician/patient relationships lacking trust can be plagued by lower patient and physician satisfaction, poorer patient adherence to treatment recommendations and increased litigation.”– AMA Institute for Ethics Director Matthew Wynia, MD

“The excesses of the litigation system are an important contributor to “defensive medicine”—medical treatments provided for the purpose of avoiding litigation. Doctors’ insurance premiums are increasing at a rapid rate, particularly in states that have not taken steps to make their legal systems function more predictably and effectively. Some doctors cannot obtain insurance despite having never had a single malpractice judgment or even faced a claim.– Physician Insurers Association of America

“In 2001, the latest data available, insurers paid out more than $1.53 for every dollar they collected in premium.” – Insurance Information Institute

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