January 20, 2018


Building Healthier Lives from the Inside – Out


PHIERS (pronounced “fires”) is the “Personalized Healthcare Information, Education and Retention System”.  PHIERS provides the technical means through which health professionals will assist individuals seeking to improve their health status and quality of life, while improving the quality and consistency of care and reducing operating expenses.  This is accomplished by improving the quality of patient-provider interactions, overcoming the barriers to effective/actionable health communication and combating the negative effects of health disparities and “low health literacy.”

Patients with low health literacy typically have poorer health, have more frequent doctor visits and longer hospital stays, and are responsible for an estimated $73 billion in unnecessary medical expenditures, annually. According to the Surgeon General, health literacy may be even more essential to health promotion, particularly when addressing issues of primary prevention regarding otherwise avoidable diseases, like obesity, one of the fastest growing causes of death and disease in America today [22].

To deal with the issues of affordability, access and quality,

consumers must be equipped to better manage their health…

In theory, an educated patient would ask better questions and feel empowered to prevent medical errors before they occur. Bridging the information gap between patients and their health care providers is, therefore, the first major hurdle to increasing health literacy and improving the overall health of our nation. Helping patients comply with self-care instructions and health promotional activities is the second.  Maximizing the quality, impact and reach of health interventions that work is the third.

Based on the findings and recommendations of the nation’s top health and civic organizations, including AHRQ’s Healthy People 2010 Action Plan, PHIERS will deliver measurable results in a timely and cost-effective manner by linking its usage directly to its impact on medical outcomes.  PHIERS will also improve the quality, impact and reach of “actionable” health information in a manner acceptable to most health care information consumers, including special needs groups like the elderly, low income and racial/ethnic populations, who often have different languages, cultural traditions, and sources of information about health.

With PHIERS, patients and physicians will benefit from improved communications; patients will play a more active role in managing their health and enjoy better medical outcomes; medical mistakes will be avoided before they occur and funding organizations will enjoy significant reductions in unnecessary medical expenditures. In short, PHIERS improves the lives of everyone it touches, from the inside-out!

To learn more, please download the PHIERS Overview by clicking HERE.

PHIERS is an effective response to the “first public health crisis of the 21st century[6]”and is a catalyst for its realization, today!

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